Sunday, August 11, 2013

Steel Stacks during MusicFest

Normal Map of SteelStacks Campus
As anyone who is reading this likely knows, MusicFest is a week long festival of music in Bethlehem, PA. Each night of the festival they have a headliner at an area called SteelStacks. The typical layout of the area is in the graphic to the right from their website. The typical layout is changed to make room for these larger conferences. For many concert venues it's easy to google on the Internet to see what the view is like from many of the seats at the concert.  I was unable to find that information for the MusicFest headliners concert area, so I started this blog post. I took some pictures at the concert I attended, and I'll describe them below to give you an idea of the position of your seat. If anyone else has photos, and they would like to contribute them, post them in the comments.

Here is a copy of the seating chart.
Seating Chart
One thing that I did not expect was the terrace area. My initial connotation of a terrace is something overlooking or elevated. After the concert I looked up the definition, and an area above or overlooking is one definition.  According to the free online dictionary, another definition is: An open, often paved area adjacent to a house serving as an outdoor living space; a patio". This is the definition that applies here. The steel terrace areas are sectioned off, tented areas on the same level as the other seats.

The Sands Steel Stage is put in the parking lot adjacent to PNC Plaza.  (see graphic below - the overlaid graphic is not to scale and and actually the seats fill the just about the entire parking lot). Second street is closed off. There are two entrances. The main entrance and the entrance for Steel Terrace ticket holders. Make sure you get to the right entrance if you don't have Steel Terrace tickets as you could wait in line for quite some time only to be told you have to goto the other entrance; to wait in line again. If you have Steel Terrace tickets you have access to the whole venue. But the Steel Terrace is sectioned off from the general seating area with a small post fence and requires an additional wrist band. Entrance to the Terrace areas are at the end further from the stage. The only elevated area is the grandstand area, with the party decks at the top of each grandstand which are covered.

Inside the Steel Terrace is a 32 inch TV displaying whatever is on the big screens next to the stage. There is also a buffet to the left (grey vertical bar in Steel Terrace on seating chart) and an open bar with mixed drinks and one regular beer and one light beer (grey horizontal bar under the words Steel Terrace in picture above.) I'm not sure if it changes but the food that night was taco chips, salsa, lettuce, corn on the cob, broiled chicken, ravioli's in white sauce, bowtie macaroni with sausage in a white sauce. The food is out until the conclusion of the first number of the main act. Coffee and dessert, which consisted of cookies and cupcakes, was available also.

Section 201 - Grandstand behind you and to left - white tent is Steel Terrace 1

Section 107 - with Grandstand directly behind you

ADA Area #1

Section #107 and Steel Terrace 1 tent - right about where the 2 guys are is the entrance to ST#1

View of stage from Steel Terrace #2 - Table #11
in foreground you can see fence separating Steel Terrace ticket holders from other section
To the left - buffet - Center TV - right the bar
One added bonus that of Steel Terrace tickets. The Steel Terrace #2 is easily accessed from back stage. During the night several of the dancers and musicians stopped at the bar to grab a drink and take break.

Dancer for the band - taking "5" and gathering attention
If anyone has more info or pictures please post in the comments and I'll add to this.