Friday, September 7, 2007

Another iPhone price drop

Will there be another iPhone price drop in 3 months? I was just checking out the AT&T site and I happened to notice the date in the price block in the upper right hand portion of their site:

iPhone pricing

Thursday, September 6, 2007

Apple burns me again.

There I go posting an "early" post, in my early adopter tradition and minutes after I post my complaint, Apple responds.

You made it right Apple. I appreciate that. And I'm taking my $100 and using it to stand in line for the next new item.

I've learned my lesson

I'm happy with my iPhone. I love new gadgets. But I've learned a lesson. You can buy MANY more new gadgets if just wait a little over 2 months if you buy an Apple gadget. I'm an early adopter. I buy the latest, greatest. I deal with the bugs, the kinks and the cost of having the latest greatest and enjoy it. I bought the MacBook Pro an hour after it was announced. There have been revs and price changes but they didn't come 68 days and weren't 33%. I bought a 1st gen shuffle minutes after the announcement and I happily bought a second gen when it came out. I've got 3 generations of iPods. I've buy a lot of things when they first come out. Heck I've ordered new items and they've taken 68 days to come arrive!

I've learned my iPhone lesson. The Apple "hype machine" WAS a great thing. I'm no longer biting. I'm still buying but it'll be months after. I won't be waiting in any lines. I can be rewarded handsomely for not waiting in line. 68 days is not long to wait for a new item, again it's taken 30-60 for some orders to come in, and to be rewarded w/ a 33% price reduction for waiting that period it's worth it.

I learned my lesson. There will now be a 90 day waiting period before I buy any new Apple devices.