Saturday, July 7, 2007

ImageWell Review

There are just pieces of software that just do what you want. Simple, yet they accomplish just about every aspect of the task at hand. And then to top it off they're free!

Imagewell does just that. Ever need to resize that digital picture to post on a web page? Want to upload it to your ftp site? Imagewell does both simply and very well. With the latest version it will upload your picture not only to your ftp site but there are a few more options. It will now seamlessly upload it Flickr, Imageshack, smugmug, ftp, sftp, webdav, iDisk, or just save it to a local folder.

Basically it will do just about all need to quickly modifiy the image file to get it to the specs you want. It will allow you to resize, crop, edit and even watermark your photos.

The free version while it allows you to edit the image, with a $14.95 registration it'll allow you to edit the image and draw more lines and shapes. The other "Xtra" features you get for your $14.95 include batch image processing, multiple images on your editing canvas, and templates for drawing objects and backgrounds.

You have the 2590 X 1920 image that you want to post on your web page or upload to a blog. This will fill most default screen sizes on most computers surfing your page. So a quick resize would not only make it more pleasant to your view it will also save them the download of what is a pretty big file.

Drag the picture over to the drop zone and use the slider to the 640 X 480 and click send to send it where you want. You can watermark it before you send it. Or you can actually draw little arrows on the picture to highlight things.

Want to grab part of the screen, want a full screen cap? It's all there. It will randomize the file name for you to upload. It will add the html code for the uploaded file to your clipboard.

All and all a very handy utility that takes up little screen real estate and gets the job done. I had no need for the "xtra" features but I sent the $14.95 because the free version was worth it and more.

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