Friday, July 6, 2007

Howto reset your iPhone

There I am loving my iPhone. Talking and surfing. Talking and emailing. Then the fun starts to diminish. Talk, surf, crash. It's like a snowball going down hill, getting worse and worse. It's more like just talk, and crash.

Thinking it's a mini OS X, I figure there's got to be a "Force quit" or heck just a reset. Sure enough:

Force Quit: Press and hold the "Home" button for six seconds with that app being displayed. IE., if you're staring at a Safari screen and nothing is happening. Just press and hold the Home button.

Hard Reset: This is the one that stopped my "snowball". It reminds me of the Menu - Center button combo on my iPod for those iPod owners. Press and hold both the Power button (the black button at the top right) and the Home button, until you see the Apple logo. This should take about 8 seconds.

Back to carefree surfing. Hopes I hit a flash only site, strike that "carefree surfing" line.

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