Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Remote buddy to the rescue

tiny_remotebuddy.pngAbout a year or so ago I posted plea for uses for the little white remote I got with my MacBook Pro. Well I've found the solution. It's called Remote buddy. It allows you to take any software you can run on your MacBook and reprogram the six buttons on your remote to do just about any function in the software. It comes with a complete set of preprogrammed keys for a series of software. Itunes, NeoOffice, PowerPoint 2004, Keynote, can all be used with this software, just to name a few. It's not free but a mere 9.99 € which translates to less than $20 US. It's well worth it to consolidate and get rid of one more device to carry around for presentations.

Airlines are missing an opportunity

I just flew back from Las Vegas. (Nope, I didn't hit it big as I didn't gamble. It's really doesn't draw me. I rather get my adrenaline rush on a roller coaster.) I was sitting on a full plane, wondering when the last time I was on a flight that did NOT have every first class seat sold out. I turned to my wife and asked if she could remember the last time she was on a flight with first class sold out. She couldn't either and the guy next to her overheard and chimed in he couldn't either. We both agreed there's an opportunity being missed by the airlines. It's not exactly Business class, but something in between. I'd throw another $50 onto my fare to not sit butt to butt with the next guy. They aren't going to attract the new family with 2 young kids on their way to Disney world. But 40+ traveler who is a little more established and has more disposable income I'm sure would fill quite a few of these roomier seats. Hopefully someone at the USA domestic airlines will figure this out before my next trip.