Monday, May 1, 2006

Mac OS 10.5 to employ a system-level P2P

Welcome to the "collective".

Mac OS Rumors :: The Original Mac Rumor Site.: "

It seems the rumor mill says that Apple will be embedding a BitTorrent client in the next level of the OS. This will allow all Mac users to "donate" bandwidth for System Updates, etc, possibly in exchange for iTunes Store content. Who knows maybe even Apple store items. Using a 3 to 4 year cycle maybe you can pay for your next replacement computer using this technology. Let them leech your unused bandwidth for 3 years and get a new computer!!

I can hear Podcasters jumping up and down for joy. If you stretch this idea a bit, you can envision podcasts being distributed this way, instead of the publisher fending all the bandwidth.

The entire Mac community will become one big P2P network, we are Borg.