Sunday, April 30, 2006

Keeping Your stuff online

More and more there are more and more functions that used to exist on the desktop that are now online. These online functions like calendars, to do lists, mail and etc are getting better and better. An example is Google calendar. This is probably one of the best calendar applications I've ever used. That includes both online and desktop applications.
There seems to be a competition for our data. Google, Yahoo, and Microsoft have all offered online address books, mail and calendars. While Google seems to draw most of my attention all three lack the feature that keeps me from "moving over" to an online system: syncing. I am very "close" with my data. I don't like to let it too far out of my site. And why am I so paranoid. Because I'm afraid of this:

When I can sync with my desktop I'll be considering Google again other than just "playing" with it.

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