Wednesday, November 2, 2005

Battle of the Software Giants

Google's stock hit an unholy sum of $379 as of the day of this blog. Google the company that can double as a verb. Where are the Google haters? You know the same type that hate and bash Microsoft for no reason other than they are a big company.

How has Google avoided being the big bad corporation? Has Microsoft seen the light and begun wooing the geeks back? The geeks, the people you ask what computer to buy. The guy (well mostly guys), that you ask to how you get your document to save to this new USB thing you have. The individuals that unknowing shape the direction of technology.

Well from my view Google has taken an open stance. No memo running through the company saying that every computer sold must have Google as it's home page. That maybe an underlying goal, but somehow they're making money by the ton without being overt about it. Want free news? Want free email? What, you want free email with a ton of disk space? You want a free map or satellite photo? You can goto Google for them all.

They're projecting that "We're not the big $379 a share company", we're giving back. We're for growth. Get a job at Google and they'll allot you 1 day a week to work on PERSONAL projects or ideas. Google management realizes management isn't necessarily the best place to find creativity, but rather the creators maybe a better source. This is the type of thing you heard about at the Microsoft of the 80's. Now Microsoft has memos that get them into hot water about requiring all computers accessing their music service must have Microsoft Media Player.

But wait is Microsoft adapting? Is the old Microsoft learning from the "fledging" Google? Check out this. Are you ready for good old fashion competition. I think 2006 is going to be a very fun year in technology. I think some revolutionary changes are coming. Free office software? Opening of standards by Microsoft? The abandonment of Microsoft proprietary protocols? Stay tuned.