Monday, October 3, 2005


When cars were introduced you needed to know just about every aspect about the car. Once upon a time you needed to know how the car operated, you need to know how to shift it manually. You needed to know not only how to shift it but when. Today you can get in your car and drive. Turn the key, turn the wheel, press the pedals. Posting to a web site, not just a page, but a whole site can be just as simple with software like WebGUI. With WebGUI running your web page you can "Add a page", "add an article", or add several other "object". Gone are the days when you have to crank start your engine. Granted you can still code HTML using Notepad, and you can buy car kits, but for most circumstances WebGUI has everything you'll need to complete an entire web site. And gone are the days when you have to know an entire new language to build a web site. You now can build it with pull down menus. There is a few systems like WebGUI. Drupal, Mambo, and PHP-Nuke are all well weathered systems. Want to try a working model of WebGUI? Check out this.

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